Shader compliing time?

At work I’m running UE 4.1, Windows 7, an i7 3.4 gHz Intel processor, 16 GB RAM, and a AMD Radeon HD 6670. It’s not the fastest system, but it’s decent.

I’ve created a basic shader; a diffuse map, a normal map (both are 4096), and activated Flat Tessellation. I added a Parameter of 1 into the Tessellation Multiplier. Every time I change the Parameter number it adds 1,000-1,500 to the Compiling Shader time. It takes about 5 seconds to compile 100, so it literally takes over 1 minute to make one parameter change. Even if I dont have a node connected to the shader, say I created a new parameter, it adds another 600-1,000 to the Compiling Shader time if it was already compiling. That keeps stacking if I quickly build my shader with a variety of nodes using the hotkeys.

I come from Unity and and there are a variety of shader assets that run immediately when connection nodes, with next to no “compiling” time. UE seems to be a beast, and it takes a while to do quite a bit. I’m not doing anything complicated. Am I missing something?


Thank god, I was waiting for that :slight_smile: