Setup.bat doesn't update files. Download speed drops to 0.00

Sorry about being a little spammy, I posted this question on answers hub and didn’t get a response, but this issue is really weird and if anybody knows anything about it and could help, I would highly appreciate it.
So, I’m having trouble downloading with setup.bat.
I clone the UE source from github. The download speed is great. Everything works perfectly well.
Then, when I try to run setup.bat, it usually starts updating dependencies, climbing to a decent speed (~3 MiB/s or so) but usually sometime between a few seconds to a few minutes, the speed starts to drop and goes all the way to 0.00 MiB/s.
If I let it run for a while, it may (or may not) pick up the download and eventually, after a few hours it will get to 99%, and will end with the following error:

Failed to download ‘’: Something a long the lines of “package is corrupt”.
This usually happens when I reach 98-99%.
I am then able to compile the source. However, I am having some other problems which (I presume) could be linked to the fact that the setup.bat process never really finishes.
In any case:

What could be causing it? Again, my internet connection is fine. Tested it over and over.
What could I do to bypass this somehow?


ps: “Epic” is a name well deserved.