Setup.bat always gives me an error

When I run the setup.bat (with admin rights), it always stops at 59% and gives me an error that it failed to extract …/Engine/Content/Editor/EpicSurvey/survey_index.json. Access to path …/Appdata/Local/Temp/tmpA661.tmp denied.

I’m using the German version of Win 7 64bit.

possibly a permissions error? maybe try running with admin rights or checking the read.write permissions of the appdata folder.

As I wrote I have admin rights and I already checked the temp folder’s permissions. It’s weird that it stops at exactly that file and that percentage each time.

Got it. I had to disable Avira Antivir’s real-time protection for it to work.

same here, Avira has recently decided that a lot of things are harmful, including itself at one point lol
time to switch antivirus