Settings an actor to only be allowed to spawn when inside another actor.

Hey, I’m developing concepts for a bomb defusal game however I am stuck on creating a blueprint where the player can only plant the bomb inside the bomb site. I have made a plant event in the character bp, I am just unsure on how to make it so that the event can only occur in the bombsite. I am stuck on what I need to do here and would like some guidance if possible.

There’s more than 1 way. For example:

Use a collision box to mark the defusal area on the map (or better, make a PlantArea actor). You can use onBeginOverlap to check if it’s the player that has entered the area. Place the *plant event *behind a gate/branch and have the collision box open the gate for the player so they can use their event.

It could be very similar to thisbut instead of showing text, you’d access a bool in the character to control a gate/branch.