Setting up tilt/rotation rate/acceleration in blueprint

I’m posting this here because I’m not getting any replies on the answerwiki. So I’m attempting to figure out simple input setups for iphone. I’m still at the beginning of learning blueprint, but this should be simple straightforward stuff. I’ve got the touch working so far, but it seems like I can’t get tilt/rotation rate/acceleration working. I’ve done different setups using inputAxis or getInputMotionState nodes, and none of them seem to give any result when running on iphone. Can someone show me an example of how it’s supposed to be hooked up in the blueprint the right way? Thanks!

edit: also, the documentation page for getInputMotionState node is not working. Here’s the link:

I spoke about this problem here : Accelerometer configuration - iOS Development - Unreal Engine Forums

And after, trying to get the input motion datas in C++, but no more results : How can I get input from the Accelerometer? - UE4 AnswerHub

Certainly a bug. Waiting for UE4 staff answer.

Bug confirmation :

Sweet, thanks for the heads up. For a while there I was beginning to question my sanity. Nice to know that it’s an actual problem and not just me having a brain fart :slight_smile: