Setting up a network game - No clear documentation on how to do this?

Can someone talk me through how to do this as Im getting really confused. In UDK it was as simple as a batch file that launched my game. It worked uncooked and allowed us to do fast iterations of development.

In unrealengine 4, I have yet to be able to get a friend to connect to my game. The closest we got was using the Editor, but then it complained because using PIE gives the map a unique name. We could see in his logs that he got connected but didn’t have the map.

So I figured I’d have to run it from a command line like in UDK days. Searching found this, which implies it works similar to UDK - . I fire up the command line that complains about needing the content to be cooked. I googled it and found this which implies I can do a build configuration of uncooked. But I cant find that setting anywhere.

How do I launch an uncooked game outside of the editor so my friend and I can play on a map that is named the same on both our PCs?


Perhaps this page will help:

That looks like exactly what I was after. This would make it work the same way as the UDK batch files I had for my last project. I’ll have a go later and report back :slight_smile: