Setting relative location after attaching to a socket on a Pawn Actor


I’m having some issue with my blueprint, ‘‘set relative location’’ won’t apply properly. It’s pretty frustrating because I feel like everything should be fine.

So I have a simple actor, when I overlap it will attach to a socket on a Pawn Actor, then I set relative location of a component in the simple actor.

If you check the picture I posted, you can see the values I set for the new relative location, yet when I’m in the viewport and trigger the event, the wrong values are being applied.

Is there some known bugs or glitches that will offset the set relative location when you attach it to a sockect or something? I had a similar issue when I tried to attach two pawns together I had to disable movements, but now it’s a simple actor and a pawn.

I swear Unreal is cool, but ■■■■ it can be janky and frustrating by times.