Setting Light Visibility from Level Blueprint

Ok, I have a Blueprint class with just a light in it called “BP_FillNightLight”. It has a float variable in it called “FillLight”. When this variable is above 1, the light turns on, when it is lower than one, it turns off. Screen shot of this connection is below.

What I want to happen is the “FillLight” variable to by set by a float variable in my Level Blueprint. Basically I have a float on my level blueprint that I want to connect to my “BP_FillNightLight”'s FillLight variable. But I’m not sure how to make that connection work. Dragging a node off my Level Blueprint float variable does not find my “FillLight” variable in the search. It’s as if my FillLight is not set to public, but it is. Any suggestions how to connect a Level Blueprint to “Set” my FillLight variable?


You can cast to your FillNightLight BP and set the variable that way

Yep, that works. Thanks!