SetActorRotation to PlayerCharacter not working


I need my PlayerCharacter (standard Character from FPS example) to rotate to a specific rotation value (yaw).
It simply wont do that. I found some more threads concerning that issue, but no real answer to them.

Here’s one:

in another one I read that the SetActorRotation is overwritten by PlayerController. I can use AddControllerYawInput. It actually works, but it does not rotate as i need it to. If I want to rotate 90 degree, the character is rotating much further.

Actually I don´t need PlayerController. Where can I find and edit it, remove it, to make SetActorRotation work?

I appreciate any help.

In Character search for Use Controller Rotation Yaw and disable it.

Thanks for your replay, but does not work over here.

Within the FirstPersonCharacter Blueprint:
I set SetUseControllerRotationYaw on press of a Button to FALSE (in debugging it is false after the button press).
On another button press I want to SetActorRotation/SetActorRelativeRotation, both not working.

Nice, it did work. But i need to roate the camera separately. But you saved me some frustration.