SET_WARN_COLOR((%FLinearColor), *Colour); -- NOT WORKING!!!

I’m trying to set the log color in the server’s terminal through a Blueprint function, but I don’t know how to make a non-constant variable in SET_WARN_COLOR.
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You can’t just pass in an FLinearColor for that. You have access to the engine source, step into the macro and see how it actually works.

Colorized text.

To use colored text from a commandlet, you use the SET_WARN_COLOR macro with
one of the following standard colors. Then use CLEAR_WARN_COLOR to return
to default.

To use the standard colors, you simply do this:

You can specify a background color by appending it to the foreground:

This will have bright yellow text on a dark red background.

Or you can make your own in the format:

ForegroundRed | ForegroundGreen | ForegroundBlue | ForegroundBright | BackgroundRed | BackgroundGreen | BackgroundBlue | BackgroundBright
where each value is either 0 or 1 (can leave off trailing 0's), so
blue on bright yellow is "00101101" and red on black is "1"

An empty string reverts to the normal gray on black.

// putting them in a namespace to protect against future name conflicts
namespace OutputDeviceColor
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_BLACK = TEXT("0000");

	const TCHAR* const COLOR_DARK_RED = TEXT("1000");
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_DARK_GREEN = TEXT("0100");
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_DARK_BLUE = TEXT("0010");
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_DARK_YELLOW = TEXT("1100");
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_DARK_CYAN = TEXT("0110");
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_DARK_PURPLE = TEXT("1010");
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_DARK_WHITE = TEXT("1110");

	const TCHAR* const COLOR_RED = TEXT("1001");
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_GREEN = TEXT("0101");
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_BLUE = TEXT("0011");
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_YELLOW = TEXT("1101");
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_CYAN = TEXT("0111");
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_PURPLE = TEXT("1011");
	const TCHAR* const COLOR_WHITE = TEXT("1111");

	const TCHAR* const COLOR_NONE = TEXT("");