Set Visibility of a widget (with closest overlapping actor)

Hello !
I have an equipmentBP which heritate an ArmorBP which finally heritate the armors in my game. I’ve tried to show the name set in the equipmentBP with my Widget but the problem was that it would show the same name for every actual overlapping actors.
I’ve finally decided to show the closest one, so. It works 100%, but don’t know how to set on only the visibility of the closest actor/widget.

Here’s what it looks like (with Night_Armor as closest one) :

Here are the bp :

This is the set visibility that I have to do but it shows all widget, obv (you can see the architecture of the actor):

Here’s all the Widget BP, it works in 3 phases :

  1. Get all player’s overlapping actors, and put their distance into the ‘MinDistance’ array;
  2. Get the index of the closest actor
  3. Get his name and his rarity (which setup the color)

    If you know how to set up the visibility to only the closest one it would help me a lot, I’ve been trying by all ways for me (CharacterBP, EquipmentBP and WidgetBP) …