Set Variables through GUI before starting VR


I have a VR application with HMD and controllers where the player starts in a room with a menue and in this menue he can choose via controller out of 3 levels. In these levels are variables in blueprints hard coded, e.g. the height where a balloon has to spawn is always 30.

I want to create a GUI, where the variables from all levels can be set and manipulated. This GUI should be used at the PC, so with keyboard and mouse inputs. Also this GUI should have a submit button, that saves the variables as default values and starts the VR application.

It should be possible to edit the variables for a person who is not in the VR application. The GUI has to be invisible for the player in VR.

I hope somebody can help me or give me hints to tutorials and stuff, because I didn’t find anything and have no idea how to start creating such a GUI.

Thanks for your advice!