Set up random numbers to scatter?

Dear All,
I’m having trouble with creating random numbers in UE the way I want them to be.
The random float in range function works fine, but I find the results are quite similar. I need some scatter so the gaps between the values are bigger. I do not mind if I have to sacrifice the true randomness, I just don’t want it to be so similar.
Thanks in advance.

I wanted something similar what I did was use arrays of numbers. So array 1 had numbers 0-50 array 2 50-100 etc then I used random int to determine which array would be picked so if the random int came back as 1 then the number picked would be between 0-50 then just picked a random number from that array.

Also to stop same number being used I added all the picked numbers to their own array and if the picked number matched any numbers that had already been chosen it would pick a different number .

Probably easier and better ways than this but it worked for me

Thanks for your update.
Yes, I though of something similar, but I hoped there is a pre-made BP function for that, looks like I will have to write it myself. Thanks again.