Set up Nvidea Apex Destruction

Hey guise,
I need your help, I want this:

But if I shoot on my Destructionable it looks like this:

I knew that this isn’t the first post about this, but I can’t find any answers in the other post’s!

Thank you!

Hi Reolat,

Yup that one’s broken as well. :wink:

Once you get the new image up I’ll take a look and see if I can offer some assistance and pointers to get the result you need. :slight_smile:


The image was broken here is a new one:

Also broken :smiley:

I hope this ISN’T Broken!! :smiley:
Here is the new one:

Thanks for getting the image up. :slight_smile:

That shouldn’t be too difficult to do. You will ultimately want to use Nvidia’s PhysX Labs standalone app or the plugin for Maya/3Ds Max though. The reason is that you will want to be able to assign multiple depth layers for destruction for the most control.

(As a side note, if you use the first person template you will have more difficulty getting control. Using Shooter Game and the way it handles projectiles with traces is different as well)

Currently in the engine you can only assign 1 depth layer. Depth 0 is not destroyed and Depth 1 is destroyed.

By using PhysX Labs you can set three layers. One is your Depth 0 for not destroyed. Depth 1 is your support chunks that are not fractured or destroyed. Depth 2 is your debris that would break apart.

You’ll need to register at Developer.Nvidia.Com to download PhysX Labs. Their tutorials can be found here.

If you want to test between shooter game and FPT you can use the following settings for a wall DM.

Impact Damage = 1
Impact Resistance = 0.0001
Default Impact Damage Depth = 1

support Depth = 1

As for special effects with the dust in the image. This is just a particle effect that is attached to the mesh. Anytime a piece breaks off this will spawn and make the dust cloud.

I hope this gets you started and if you have any questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile: