Set UChildComponents ChildActors paramters?


I have created a UChildComponent which I have attached to a nodeContainer(UBoxComponent). In my ANode class I have a paramerter calles nodeMesh. I could I set this parameter after I have set it to be a childactor of the tempNodeKeaper ?

I Have already tried to use tempNodeKeaper->ChildActor but I dont now what to do next. Maybe I have somehow to cast ChildActor to ANode ?

UChildActorComponent* tempNodeKeaper = CreateAbstractDefaultSubobject<UChildActorComponent>(TEXT("node"));
tempNodeKeaper->SetWorldTransform(FTransform(FVector(distance, 0, 0)));



Cast<|ANode|>(tempNodeKeaper->ChildActor)->nodeMesh->setStaticMesh(mesh); Doesnt seems to work.