Set Transform only works in game, not in editor

Hey all,

An interesting issue here:

When I use “play” to test my level, the streaming level called out is in it’s originally created position, and does not appear 100 units positive in the vertical axis, as the transformation should accomplish. It does, however, appear where expected when “launch” the game. At first, I thought it was because I had all of the level assets set as “static”, but did change them to “moveable”, and there’s still no change to this behaviour.

Is this a bug? Is there something I’m missing or forgetting to change?

Please let me know if I’m doing this incorrectly, or if there is something that should be changed to get the outcome I’m looking for.

Thank you!


**NINJA EDIT: **OMG, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve been testing using anything I can find from a Google search, and just checked the Unreal Documentation to find this:

It works. Thanks for reading! (Maybe this will help someone else figure this issue out, if they are encountering the same.)