Set the size and the position inside a HUD

Hello everyone! I am trying to make a hud that contains something like: [E] Enter. I have successfully made that. Since I made the E button bindable, and the text will change according to the button that was set, it sometimes overrides the “Enter”. For example if it’s set to spacebar, the [Spacebar] will hide the “Enter”. I wanted to know if there is any possible way to make the enter move a little to the side so it will be able to fit the [Spacebar] in the widget without hiding the action name. Also, it has a little dark square around those 2 texts, so I want to adjust the size of the square to fit the button and the action name in it.

Thank you!

2 images to explain what I am talking about:

You could place the [E] [Space] {plaintext} into a container and make them size to content?