Set Source Control IP to Last Successful Connection

Please set or give us an option to tick to save the Source Control IP to the most current successful connection (maybe upon UE4 exit). I don’t know if this is a bug or not and I searched but did not find anyone talking about this.

Since my partner and I have changed server IPs, the old Source Control IP seems to have stuck on the engine’s Source Control load out.When SourceControl loads it has the wrong IP, I must enter the new correct IP and it fails to find the server with the correct IP the first time, it recognizes it the second time. This is slightly aggravating because I have to do this every single UE4 restart because it wants to connect to the wrong IP, the IP the server was set to last before the new one.

And if anyone knows how to change this in other settings please let us know! Thank you :slight_smile: