Set Relevancy to Specific Controllers / Players?

Is there a way that I can set an actors network relevancy only to certain given Player Controllers? I need an Actor to be relevant only to Three Players, none of which are it’s owners.

We basically have three players interacting through their Pawns to control one actor. The idea being that three Players are then in control of a single “Pawn”, though the “Pawn” is actually an Actor. We have to go through an actual pawn class, so that the players can even call RPC functions on the Actor. Hell of a workaround, but now we need to optimize a bit.

Sorry for the 4 month long bump, but was this ever solved?

I want to do some things on a client to make the movements of an actor a little smoother. To do that I want to declare a specific client to be not relevant and let him take over.

It would be nice to know how to set per-player relevancy in blueprints.

Afraid not! You just have to make the calls through a Pawn or Controller or something.

:frowning: Darn, you wouldn’t happen to know how to keep client physics handles from dropping an object while remaining still would you?

I was going to have the client handle the physics handle components themselves (but still have the server replicate to other clients so they can see that it was picked up) if they were the one to pick it up as it would probably be in same spot as the server but much smoother. I was doing something along the lines of this.