Set Physics Constraint Position

I have a door set up using a physics constraint so it opens when the character runs into it. I set up the angular motor to twist and swing but when I hit the door, it just swings back and forth until it eventually settles back at the original position. Is there a way to get it to essentially snap back to the original position after it has swung open once? Or at least decrease the amount of times it swings back and forth so it just closes faster?

What about the Restitution setting on the Physics Constraint that isn’t a soft constraint? Not sure what kind of game you are making, but it may be worth it to trigger the door with an overlap event, and then you could set it up so that if your character runs right at the door, it will just swing open and then closed as it should, but if they walk up, they could interact with the door and peek through it to look for enemies. Not sure if that would be applicable to your game, but may be worth considering.

Have tried setting it as a soft constraint and adjusting the stiffness/damping?

I have. I have 2 panels side by side and I am editing those settings on one, and it seems to have no effect on anything. The panel just swings the same no matter what values I put into those settings.

That doesn’t seem to want to do anything either. I’ve done doors that way in the past, but I’m trying to incorporate physics so it adds a little more interactiveness for VR. So the character can reach out and push the door open.