Set members in PostProcessingSettings overriding all values?

It seems like Set members in PostProcessingSettings overrides all values, even those that are not ticked. I can’t remember this happening in 4.16.1. If you’ve got another version of the engine I would appreciate if you could test this and see what happens.

In a new project:

  1. Create a BP of type actor and put it in the scene.
  2. Edit the BP and add a Post Process Component.
  3. In the level select the component, tick bloom intensity and set it to 8.
  4. In the BP drag the component into the construction script, drag from it and Get Settings and then Set members in PostProcessSettings.
  5. In the Set members node tick some node that isn’t bloom intensity (for example Color Grading Global Gamma at the top) and compile the BP.
  6. Drag the BP in the level.

In 4.16.2 this sets the bloom intensity back to 0.675 and makes it impossible to edit any checkboxes/values because they’re instanly set back to the defaults. If you know of any other methods of ticking/setting values of only certain post process settings in the construction script please share them.

There’s a tiny eyeball icon that lets you select one of three options. Disable Override, Override and Override and Set Value.

It sounds like Disable Override would do what I want (tooltip: Disables the override value from being used without modifying the value stored in the struct. But it doesn’t do anything, I changed every value except the ones I want to set from the BP to Disable Override but they are still being overridden. Is this a bug?

Just spent last hour to find the answer for the same problem and couldn’t find any, but lucky i found it after some digging in nodes here is how to do it.