Set max mesh LOD


Is it possible to set the maximum level of detail for static meshes?

I’m still not sure whether to target mobile devices, and so currently all my static meshes consist of 4 LODs. However, if I want to test on mobile then I would like to force my LOD to the lowest quality (level 3).

I can sort of accomplish this with the console command “r.forcelod 3”. But that seems to cause all terrain and BSP brushes to disappear. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to affect meshes which don’t have that LOD level.

I would have thought there would be something in the scalability settings for mesh quality. A lot of games seem to implement a mesh quality option these days. But I’m not sure how they implement that?

Many thanks

I too would like to know this. I kind of assumed it would be something exposed to the scalability settings but it’s not. I want control of it myself so I can basically have a global quality level toggle for all 3D models. Is there a solution?