Set Fracture Effects in Blueprint

Hey guys,
I was wondering if it is possible to change the Fracture Effect under the Destructible Component on runtime?

Here is what I´m trying to do: I´m spawning a Destructible Mesh on player input and then tell it to use the Fracture Effect Override. Then I wanted to add the “Make Fracture Effect”- alt textNode to the spawned Destructible Mesh. Since I couldn´t find a node that would let me do this, I thought you guys could eventually help me out.

Btw, I´m aware that I could just add the effect in the Destructible Settings. The problem with that is that I´d like it to be randomized and changeable through Blueprints. This way I´d be able to change the Fracture Effect of every spawned instance of my Destructible Meshes.