Set Desired Rotation ?

I’m currently creating a blueprint that makes a camera track a moving object. I use the Lerp (Rotator) function to interpolate between the controller’s current rotation, and the objects rotation, and then set the result as the new Control Rotation. This works quite well. However, there seems to be a system for using a Desired Rotation for a controller, that uses the RotationRate in the Character movement settings to adjust the controller towards this desired rotation. This could perhaps be an even better way for my camera to move smoothly. However in the blueprint library I only find a function for getting the desired rotation from a controller, I cant find a function for setting the desired rotation.

Is there such a function or am I attempting to use this system all wrong ?

Best regards,
Morten Bunes Gustavsen

I’m interested in this too. If you figure it out, let me know. I’ll do the same.

I wanted to help but the unreal documentation related was 404…