Set camera rotation while teleporting player.


I’ve looked around but didn’t find any answer.

I’m doing a locker hiding system using the teleport node, I’m using an arrow for the end point but even if my character correctly rotate 180° while the transition, the camera follows the player but won’t rortate, so I’m in front of my character for half a second and then, the character reset his rotation when i go out the locker…

Didn’ find any good tutoriaal about it, I don’t have any aanimation for now but I’d like to implement one later on

Thanks you guys


Not sure, but 3 days ago, I had similar problem and resolved it, check for the pictures attached in the post below and the node “set control rotation”.

Hi, how did you attach your camera to your Character ? Is it a component inside it ?
Is the camera at the end of a SpringArm ? It may be that you are rotating the mesh and not the SpringArm.

Maybe we could help you more if you shared your Components tree :slight_smile:

Oh. It s a first person character without spring arm. I ve attached my spring arm to my camera… maybe i m wrong but that the only way i found until i can rotate this camera. I had to set 2 others cameras on my chatacter because i dom t know how to set it rotation and location properly

I ll give you more infos once i m in front of my project.

Here’s my actual componants, I’d like to set the crouchcam and Backcam from the base camera setting it position and rotation

I ve set them like this now, under the spring arm but i’m not more able to move the camera location and rotation…

Any Help guys? I’ve tried with arrows, set relative/world, my camera won’t move…