Set camera location and a target by two points on two different splines

I would like to set animate a camera with a location and a target point on two different splines. im quite new to blueprints, cloud somebody please hint me a direction, tutorial or bp camera components to use?

Hi man,
there are some ways to do it.

If i get what you want is,
Move a camera along a path,
Make the camera look the target, who moves along another path.

Follow this tutorial on moving something alond a curve Ue4 Tutorial - Moving an Object along a path using a Spline Track - YouTube
Once you did it, you basically make 2 of this curves and make the camera rotate to look the target.

To rotate the camera just Use , Set Rotation and Look-At-Rotation nodes, you have to feed him the location ("“of the object”") you want the camera to look