Set blueprint gamemode

I have some gamemodes setup in blueprints and I am trying to supply the “game={gamemode}” option on the URL when opening a map.

Now when I do this using a C++ gamemode such as:


it works fine.
But I want to supply a blueprint game mode, which doesnt work.

i’ve tried all sorts of things such as:

but they all give me errors in the log to say it cant find the gamemode.

It looks like the code to set the game mode is handled in: UWorld::SetGameMode

Is there a way I can supply a blueprint gamemode? OR am i going to have to modify the UWorld::SetGameMode code?

Highly Recommended Workflow

Dear Supagu,

in the Editor:

Edit->Project Settings-> Maps and Modes

And choose your BP game mode there!




I think you came really close on this one. Try that but with an _C at the end.

As Rama said you can specify a global game mode, or even override at the map level, however, if you want to use the same map for different game modes (CTF, DM, etc. in your classic shooter type games for example) you will need to do something like this.

You can also simplify the commandline when opening the map by specifying a GameModeAlias. You can see an example of how to set that up in Shooter Game’s DefaultGame.ini (not editable via the project settings (yet), sorry for that).



did the job, thanks guys