Set a string to use in another Blueprint

Hi. I am a very noob of UE4. Sorry for my simple question :slight_smile:
My problem is:i have two blueprints, named “particolar” and “trigger”. I need to set a string (called “name”) when i “begin overlap” of “trigger” BP that can be reflected and used in “particolar” Blueprints. And i need that particolar and trigged are different blueprint.
(sorry again for my english… :slight_smile:

There is many ways to do this.

One way would be to create an Interface with a function perhaps named BeginEnteringTrigger and give it an Input String parameter.

In the “trigger” OnComponentBeginOverlap you call the message BeginEnteringTrigger with the target being “other Actor”.

In “particolor” you implement the interface and you will have an Event called BeginEnteringTrigger with the string that you want.

Edit: i have been tryed this, but cast fail… (object is pinned to “other actor” output of begin overlap in trigger box)