Sessions support for Google Play

I’m wanting to make a multiplayer game and I’d like to have the same option that Steam provides - that is, a service that hosts my sessions for players to find and peer-peer connect to each other. This is probably worse on Mobile as users will likely still need to open up their ports but it’s kind of the in-between of a very large possibility space:

Single Player: Free
Local Multiplayer: Free (but not crazy viable on phones outside of turn based games or gamepads)
LAN Multiplayer: Free
Sessions Multiplayer: Free (Well, kind of - but there’s no monthly subscription cost)
Dedicated Servers: A LOT OF MONEY when you’re not expecting anything aside from ad revenue back + a couple IAPs if you’re lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously I’d love to have Dedicated Servers and never worry about my users needing to port forward + being able to implement awesome features due to having a central database at my disposal. But that’s WAY above my paygrade :stuck_out_tongue: AND userbase. I know I can implement this myself, and if I find I get enough users to support such a system it’s a better investment than the money, but I imagine it’s much easier for Epic’s team of experienced programmers to finish implementing Google Play’s API and a bunch of devs having that already done for them than each dev who wants this having to hook it up themselves. Tbh I barely know C++ and I’ve never touched Java so I’m not looking forward to this. I think there might be a plugin but I’d be surprised if it were free / as feature rich as a native implementation. Epic pls.