Server's pawn remote role discrepancy

Hi all,
i’m currently working on a small multiplayer project in UE4 4.25 using c++ but I have problem for the remote role of the server’s pawn.

The server’s pawn in the client side has the role equal to ROLE_SimulatedProxy but on the server side the remote role is equal to ROLE_AutonomousProxy. Is it normal?

If this is the case there’s a way to execute a piece of code only on the server’s pawn without using it’s role?

This is noraml AFAIK. Normally checking the role alone isn’t enough to determine what kind of game instance is running. For a Server-Controlled pawn though, you can do something like this:

if (HasAuthority() && IsLocallyControlled())
// Server pawn here

Note, this will also return true for AI-controlled pawns on the Server too.