Server Side Variables

Re-Spawn keeps track of player kills and clones for each player and this needs to be maintained across spawns.

I am going to assume that the best way to do this is initialise the values to their defaults on first spawn and only re-initialise them on new level load. Obviously these are replicated like health and energy … I just wanted to bounce some ideas off the forum.

Not sure as to what it is you’re exactly asking, but if you’re asking about certain values of variables that have to be sent to new clones of the player after death or new level, then yes, I believe that is the best way to do it.
Also not sure if there is a better way to do it, if there is another way at all. But then again I might be misunderstanding you.

Whatever the case, goodluck with your project. :slight_smile:

Yeah basically the first time the player joins a level … they are allocated 10 clones and 0 kills.

When they die the clones are reduced by 1 … when you get to 0 … game over for you. When you kill another clone you get 1 kill. These values need to remain persistent for the duration of the game and not be reset every time you respawn.