Server Question: Multiple 'Rooms' or 'Games'

Before I go too deep down the rabbit hole that is rolling my own socket server I thought it would be wise if I asked this question.

Before I get into this though lets keep in mind that right now I do not intend to have any kind of physics running. It’s a top down, fixed camera shooter.

I’m looking to have multiple ‘games’ or ‘rooms’ running on a single server instance. Is it possible to have something like a 64 player server running but split those players up into 8 different 8 player games, or 4 different 8 player games for a max of 32?

  1. Is the server side of the engine capable of handling something like this, even if it requires some customization?
  2. What are the recommended specs to run a 64 player server?
  3. Does the server currently compile to Linux?
  4. Is there any kind of integration for a “Master” server?

I should also add I’ve done some reading through Answers and it does seem that the consensus is to start physical instances of the server. With that in mind a secondary question would be how many server instances could a decent cloud based Linux box handle?