Server and Client has different Transform of an Actor Component


I have an Actor with an attached Gun. But it has a different Location on the server than on the clients. What can be the reason for this?
Also if I attach the Gun with a Childactor the same problems appears. The gun is simply replicated.
The Character itself has the same locations everywhere.

LogBlueprintUserMessages: [Unit_BPC_74] Server: Translation: X=929.988 Y=-716.238 Z=133.068 Rotation: P=-47.488949 Y=-97.425323 R=73.608810 Scale X=1.000 Y=1.000 Z=1.000
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [Unit_BPC_74] Client 1: Translation: X=959.090 Y=-746.764 Z=162.925 Rotation: P=-1.125813 Y=-93.377518 R=1.940288 Scale X=1.000 Y=1.000 Z=1.000
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [Unit_BPC_74] Client 2: Translation: X=958.646 Y=-746.449 Z=161.762 Rotation: P=-1.063945 Y=-94.554192 R=3.587189 Scale X=1.000 Y=1.000 Z=1.000

Again thanks for your help.

The Animation was not the problem for the different hitresults.

  1. Use trace for hit location
  2. Use “look at rotation” (hit) rotator
  3. As spawn location set your socket location, as rotation -> result from “look at rotation” node
  4. Profit

Thanks a lot for your answer. As it seems, the animation was NOT the problem. The Server has another location of the attached weapon and that seems to be the reason for the wrong hit result. But why?