seriously vs 2013.

Visual studio is great, but really. 2013. now i have to upgrade to that crazy OS called windows 8

Can we run with VS 2010?

It works on windows 7 too .

First, Windows 8 or 8.1 arent that bad, they works pretty well with a dual screen setup. And like Sahkan said Visual Studio 2013 works on Windows 7, dunno where you found that Windows 8 was in the minimum requirement.

cool must be my mistake. i had the vs2013 pre release and i couldnt run it on 7

You’ll need to install Service Pack 1 for it to work on Windows 7. But like others have said, Windows 8 isn’t completely bad, it grows on you. And VS 2013 will probably run a lot better on 8/8.1 than 7.

Windows is the new OS people love to hate. Give a try on Windows 8.1 - at least for me, its powerful. And one more thing: Visual Studio 2013 is bold and strong. There are features you just can’t miss.

Make sure you check the environment variable for VS120COMNTOOLS points to the right location. I had the prerelease version also, and when I installed Ultimate it didn’t update that env variable. I couldn’t generate the VS files or make new C++ classes from the Editor until I fixed that.

I’m on Win7 and VS 2013 runs perfectly (and integrates nicely with UE4).

Just like mike said, take care that the VS120COMNTOOLS var points to the right directory. This was wrong on my setup and I had to change it manually.

You can also use VS 2012. I have it up and running on my machine. You’ll need to make sure you have Windows 8.1 SDK installed and before you run the GenerateProjectFiles.bat, you’ll have to update the build tool source files to set VS 2012 as the project type.

I am running it just fine on Windows 7. You have to read the reqs for what it required. YOU NEED SP1 to run VS2013. There error is ambiguous and doesn’t indicate that’s the issue. Just says you need a different version of windows when all you need is SP1.

Again, check the VS2013 install reqs and make sure you have each one installed. You should be fine after that.

I hated windows 8 also until I got Start8. No longer am I a chronic sufferer of vertigo (random/constant changes in UI physics) and doorway amnesia. All I need to find now is a better file-explorer, I really hate the “ribbons” in the new explorer and all the new office programs for many of the same reasons I hate browser toolbars. Other than the changes other the hood I think 7 was the best OS Microsoft ever released, it was beautiful.

VS2010 was deprecated because VS2012 and VS2013 both have a much better compiler than 2010 and also has more C++11 features implemented.

As many others have also started, VS2012 and VS2013 both work on Windows 7 as long as it is kept up to date.