Serious problem starting the project

Hello, Here is some time that I work on my project, without apparent concern, I close Unreal engine 4 yesterday, as usual, but this morning, big bad surprise when the project started. The Player controller is reset to the default one, and cannot be changed. In test of the project I start directly with a free steerable camera with the QWERTY keyboard and the elements present in the Blueprint of the map do not start either The Gameinstance by default is reset, the maps when the editor starts up are also restored by default, but I was able to restore this without problem I specify that the project was closed correctly yesterday and that I always carry out a test before closing the project and that all is well

Is this a new project or something you’ve been working on for at least a few sessions? I ask this because testing to see if you can save and load your project can be important because windows has a bug I believe with windows defender (related) that in some rare cases it might prevent some folders from being written to. This happens a lot when people play a game and wonder why their game isn’t saving or saving screenshots. I haven’t been able to find an actual fix for this issue but it is known / documented to exist and is common enough that I know a few people that it happened to, including myself. The recourse I found was to save it in a folder not within my documents, but it sometimes persists randomly after.