Serious Games / Military

As company, we make serious games such as
military training and train simulations for the last 2-3 years. For current
projects, we use Unity and other engines i can’t give their name because we are under heavy NDA, but thinking about to start with Unreal Engine 4 for our next projects. We already talking with a company to integrate HLA/DIS to UE4 and making required preparations about it.

I work in this company as technical artist and lead the engine side of our current projects. We have couple of questions about licensing UE4 for military training, train simulations or other serious game projects we are
about to get. As I see there are some restrictions about military training applications on EULA of UE4. If we want to use and license UE4 for serious gaming, especially for military training, what should we do about it? Do we need custom or enterprise license for it?

There is no restriction on UE4 under the EULA for military training - the restriction is on use in connection with live combat. Think of it this way - the EULA doesn’t want the engine being used in a situation where someone might die.