[Serious Engine Bug] Graphic Settings break Network game!

Hey everyone,

I found a major bug which can only be related to the engine it self. Whenever someone lowers the graphic settings, the game is broken for the player.
What happens:

All graphic settings low:
The player can join the game but no HUD will be created, the player gets spawned but cant move or do anything, but can get killed at it’s spawn location

Mixed settings medium/low:
the player can join the game, hud gets created and the player can move. however the movement is not bound to the action character. Means the character model will stand on it’s spawn point while the player is moving as an invisible ghost trough the level and is able to kill other people.

All graphic settings high:
Playable but with noticable lag spikes.

All graphic settings Epic:
Playble with no issues

Those issues are only present in packed standalone games via steam, in editor preview works fine on all settings.
We tested it several times with different systems and it’s 100% reproducable everytime.

Having no post processing in a level can have some postive effects on the playability, however it is somehow map related and not. I’m running a map which has absolutly no issues an all settings highte then low. Other maps wwork sometimes and sometimes not. Tested the same maps without streaming, baked light, post processing in all combinations, results are random. Sometimes it works with some lakes, sometimes it’s all broken. However on Epic Settings it works always fine.

I attached a screenshot from the settings menu, it’s using the default User Game Settings. I changed it to use console commands instead, no difference.
I us the Generic Shooter Project ( as a template. My original Project is updated from 4.15 to 4.17 and 4.18 Preview 2 with all the same results.

Creating a new project with 4.17 - same result.
Created an own Project with 4.17 without template - same result.

So there must be some seriuse issue with the engine, I can’t find any logical sollution to this, my deadline is comming by and I have this f***ed up issue. Is there something I’m totally missing or whats going on?

I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions.