Sequencer with wheeled vehicle

Hi everyone,

I was playing with sequencer in 4.15 trying to make a cut scene. Everything works fine but when I want to add a wheeled vehicle (a car) to the scene, I have some problems.
At first, the wheeled vehicle blueprint I made, works fine, does not have problems when I use It in a game.

The role of the vehicle in the scene would be very simple: basically It has to pass across a street.

First I tried with an Event track and then as a spawned actor, but the results are the same: the vehicle starts to tremble from the begining and in the end of the scene It rockets to the sky!.

The key in the event track calls a blueprint function that simply create a timer adding throttle to the vehicle movement component
(this functions works well if I put the actor in the level)

Hope you can help me



anyone can help? thanks