Sequencer - root motion animation importing with flipped axis

Hello pals.

I’m trying to setup some in game cutscenes with sequencer and I’m having problems making the capsule end in matching position with the character root.

I have my gameplay character binded to the sequence and some animation clips that have root motion. As far as I know the only way to make the character capsule moves in sequencer is by adding keys to the Transform track of the actor binded.

I’m importing this information from the root of the same animation that I’m using.

But the problem is that Location X & Y channels comes flipped into sequencer.

In the animation asset preview it looks right, also if I play a montage in gameplay of the same animation the root moves right.

I’m out of ideas on what is happening, my best guess is that sequencer is copying the keys according to world space (I’m doing a sidescroller, my character root forward is X but he is moving in Y World Space plane in gameplay).

Anyone can bring light on this or suggest another solution if any?

Have a nice day