Sequencer needs urgent attention!

Bugs in the sequencer

  • Adding camera to Timeline (“Camera cuts”) deletes already edited cuts in timeline
    This is my biggest problem right now, I cannot add a new CineCameraActor, as it takes over the timeline/“Camera Cuts” and deletes current cuts.
    If I scrub to the beginning, it deletes all cuts, if I scrub to the end it still deletes cuts from before the cursor.
    This also happens if I turn off “Key all channels”

  • Changing names of CineCameraActors do not change the names in the timeline.
    They still pertain their original names, making it very difficult to discern them from one another.

  • Camera transform>Rotation + CameraComponent>Manual Focus Distance will reset or move without instruction between key frames.
    I’ve seen other posts about this, and yes it can be rectified withcurve editor, but it’s a bug and should be fixed.

  • Rendering with codecs does not work, and no compression is available.
    Even though there’s a field to specify codecs, it has no effect. Setting compression also has no effect, export is rendered uncompressed to *.AVI container.
    I’ve seen other mentions of this, but not one developer response.

I have found several other minor bugs I can work around, but the above are real issues! :frowning: