Sequencer is recording some bones incorrectly

Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea what’s going on? This is not what the animation looks like as its recorded from play, but when you play it back in sequencer eye and mouth joints are seemingly trying to fall off the face. We don’t have any facial animation right now afaik. I have a workaround I’m going to pursue as well but still would rather this just work correctly.


So I just ran into a similar effect when importing a character specific animation. Without the retarget source set, the character looks pretty similar to what you see in the first photo I posted. I don’t know why this would affect sequencer though? Maybe retargeting is just broken in sequencer?


You can try exporting the animation with the retargeting applied by clicking Export Asset and choosing Preview Mesh in Persona, then import it back again and try using that version in Sequencer. It’s a band aid fix though (if it even works) and you should submit a bug report.

Wow. Didn’t have to export actually. Just changing the retargeting on the generated animation to the correct character fixed a bunch of issues. Thanks a ton, can’t believe I didn’t think to try that.

If i use Animation Relative for face joints, which looks perfect in gameplay, he closes his jaw much harder than in the gameplay. If I reset face joints to Skeleton, it looks bad in gameplay but good in sequencer.


On the left is the character during gameplay, on the right is the character as recorded by sequencer.

EDIT: It seems that using Animation Relative is what causes the problem I posted about originally.