Sequencer HEADACHES!!!

Honestly I’m TRYING to use sequencer…but everytime I try to use it starts to work as expected but then after a while…characters will disappear turning red…but they are in the world
Occasionally i will have some success in exporting the sequences in frames…but after a while all the shots will go white for no apparent reason!
When I save the project, the cameras will get unlocked from the shots. I have to manually re-lock them.
When I’m viewing things in the viewport the light will be ok, but when exporting the camera animation it will go a bit darker AND with horrible AA (Antialiasing).

Is it not possible to have the same workflow as in max for example? with NO SEQUENCER…just some other form of timeline where i can animate stuff (camera included) normally and render out that camera animation?!! right now i just HATE SEQUENCER! HATE IT!! not intuitive at all!!!

I followed the video tutorials from the docs…and I find that workflow VERY CUMBERSOME! :(.

please help