Sequencer: Attach track, keep world location?


I need to have an HMD controlled camera traveling thru the scene.

Until now I’ve been attaching my camera (CamControl) to the CameraRigRails using blueprint, with the AttachToActor node and keeping world location, rotation and scale.
I’ve been doing that because, in Sequencer, the attach track never worked well (add CamControl to sequence and add an Attach track to it, referencing the RigRail). In UE 4.15 preview 2 it seems something was fixed because attach track seems to work in a basic form. But I think there should be options that match those of the blueprint node to keep world transforms, which I think is pretty common to be needed.

The Path track seems to not work for me because 1) I need to have freedom of control for the camera while traveling and 2) I think there is no control for smoothing velocity, etc. with this method.

Is there a way to accomplish this that maybe I’m missing? Is there no point at all because a better solution already exists?

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile: