Sequencer Animation Questions

So I have a rather simple question, is it at all possible to create a sequence in Unreal Engine 4 without using any premade animations? By that I mean being able to move and rotate individual body parts of a model frame by frame. Example: (for a video) A military officer sitting down in front of a table with a radio shouting into it, grabbing the microphone, then tossing it to the side. Would I be able to do this by rotating his bones in sequencer or would i have to make an animation for it in blender or some other program.

I don’t think so. I don’t think you have access to the bones. I could be wrong. But what you can do is load animations onto the character. You can add the character into the sequencer and then load up animations on the timeline, move them around and adjust start times sting more than one together on multiple tracks.

Yes, but its quite complicated. I’m doing procedural animation in C++. You have to extract the raw animation data with its frames and transforms from the animation, modify it and then call a refresh/update on the source animation sequence.

Yikes, so basically I am going to have to create my own animations arent I?