Sequence support in Reroute Node

Hello Epic!

I have a small request here. I’m not sure, if anyone else requested it, but anyway…

It would be very nice, if reroute node also supports sequence operations.

And the sequence order can be set by order of connections.

For example I connect my first node to reroute node, than another node, than the third one to it. And in-game reroute node will call all of them in the same order as I connected them.

Or add “Convert to Reroute Node” button to RMB menu of Sequence node, so a call order will be the same as your sequence node.

Only issue I see with this is that there’s no visual way to see the order that the sequence is executing in.

Hmm. Agree with that. But I think, that it’s possible to visualize that like Math Expression visualizes it’s expression on mouse hover. Or show order numbers, when you move cursor over a wire.

We will never add this feature, or any other one where sequence or ordering is implicit instead of explicit.

Michael Noland