Separate Translucency Screen Percentage behavior per Material setting

**Current status: **Separate Translucency Screen Percentage as the part “Screen” pertains, affects all materials with transparency set at the whole screen. The behavior is to reduce the lines displayed per frame reducing the impact over the scene. This is quite usefull for scenes with lots of transparency materials.

**Request: **the effect of reducing resolution to be applied only on the material whose property for the desired effect is intended. At the Translucency section inside materials properties we would have a property called Separate Translucency Resolution Percentage (or something similar and not silly).

**Motivation: **I was developing a game’s PoC with lots of glass and mirrors and guess that only performatic way to have it working well and with good results was setting the percentage to 50, but when moving to another room with different asset setup too many aliasing were produced by other transparent materials which were not intended to be that accurate or with great detailing, became quite awful. Setting the values to 100 when moving from one room to the other demonstrated an increase in mechanics to detection/and setting that would be simplified if such a property existed inside which material intended to make good use of it.

Im not sure how hard it is to implement, but I think the usefulness would worth have it. Maybe one day I would take a look at engine source, but Im not willing to do it now.

Problem with that is then transparent sorting will not work anymore. Transparent objects are rendered from back to front to get correct look. Using multiple transparent buffers with different resolution would lose all information how these buffers should be composited.