Separate single object screen menu

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and also to UE4.
Figured most of things and usage from manual and browsing this forum and youtube videos etc…

I am interrested in using UE4 for virtual tours and would like to get some more interresting interactivity than just walking around and switching objects and materials.
Currently I would like to figure out one thing that I hope won’t be too much more complicated than other things, and that is:

On clicking an interactive object, I would like to display it “isolated”/ just that object on screen with it’s own controls and menu.
Like it was done on the maya museum here: Museo Maya · 3D Apps on Vimeo

The problem is that in this case I don’t even know where to start. How to make object appear on screen on it’s own and switch/add separate controls. Can anyone give me some directions on some maybe similar project or tutorial/video… anything?

Thanks, and best of luck to the developers.


Maybe you could make a material and plug it into a post process volume. Similar to this one: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Basic Object Outline (Interaction) - YouTube . It’s an object outliner, but the concept is the same. The material will look for the outmost pixels of the object and darken everything outside of it. I think you can find this material in the ue4 engine library, you just have to modify it. For the menus you can use the widget system, ther are a lot of good tutorials about it. I don’t know a lot about switching controls, hope someone else can help you out.

Thank you, I actually figured out most of the thing I need…

I have multiple objects in a scene all of them are blueprints and have the ability to change materials when the player is close to them and clicks on them(opens menu/umg and picks a material).

I want to add an empty room outside the main scene where I would place a camera and I need to figure out how on clicking the object I get an instance of it in that room and switch from player camera to the camera in that room and also switch controls so that I can rotate and manipulate the object that has been spawned there.

So to put it simply (I hope :D) I need to know:

  1. how to create an instance of an object in a specified location
  2. how to switch camera and turn off controls
  3. how to enable controls on that instance
  4. how to destroy that instance and return to original camera and controls/player?

In the Maya museum it was done changing the static mesh in a blueprint and at the same time changing cameras and camera controllers. So to answer your questions.

1- No need to create , you can just change the static mesh in the same way that you are changing your materials, with set static mesh.
2- To switch cameras you need to look into Posses, basically you are going to have 2 character pawns ( 2 cameras ) and you will jump from one to the other with Posses.
3-The controls are defined in you character controller.
4-No need to destroy anything, you can just switch and you will go back Possessing again.

I did the posses logic in the level blueprint casting to my character pawn and I did most of the swapping of static meshes in My Character Pawn.

Oh, I see now…

That makes things much more simple than I thought :smiley:

Thanks a LOT!