Separate Fingers

HI guys, I have an idea make move finger what is controlled by joystick (axis, not button) I mean - 0% (outstretched finger) → 100% (fist). I know, joystick have only 4 axis but i have 5 axis so nevermind… I just need make moving with Finger at my command. I can make it with animation but if i have one finger at 50% and try move with another, that old finger is reset to idle animation and set itself to 0% so loolks like outstretched finger

You can set this up with a pose asset instead of an animation. You only have to create two single frame animations with the finger stretched out and closed. Once these are added to the pose asset you can use an alpha to get any position between them.

It is also possible to have an additive pose asset for additional fingers so you can control each finger position entirely from code for the full hand. You will need to create separate single frame animations to add to the pose asset for each finger. Move only one finger in each animation and leave the others in their default rest state. So additive blending works in the engine.