Sending/Accessing a Variable from a Class Blueprint in the Level Blueprint

Hi there :slight_smile: !

I’m quite new to Unreal Engine, so my problem maybe quite dumb but i didn’t manage to figure it out (i’ve read many message and documentation found here and there but didn’t manage to get anything from it). Anyway here is it :

  • I got a Class blueprint, in this class blueprint i got a generated variable that is fluctuating during the game. This variable is called “Treble”, and it’s a float
  • still in my class blueprint, I create a new float variable called “Treble_out” to store the Treble value, i make it public and use “Set” to input the “Treble” generated value into it (in the blueprint).

and now the problem is, I got my level blueprint, and I want to import this “Treble_out” float variable in it to use it, is there a simple way to do that ?

Is your blueprint placed in the level?
If so. you can select it in the viewport, right click in your level blueprint and click “Add Reference to [Your blueprints name]”.
When you drag out from that node you will have access to its variables.

Hi ! found it ! Thanks for your help :smiley: