Send to Substance Painter Vertex Information?

Hi I am trying to streamline my workflow for creating props in unreal using blender and substance painter.

I am having a problem baking the ID map. I would like to make use of the unreal plugins “Send to Unreal” for blender and the unreal/substance painter live link plugin.

I assign vertex colours for ID map in blender.

I then use Send to Unreal plugin that exports the mesh to Unreal. When I inspect the mesh vertex colours are there.

When I send from Unreal to substance painter using the live link plugin I select vertex for the colour source. However when I bake the ID map I’m getting the errors “[Baking] Could not find vertex colours in mesh:” and “[Baking] Baking failed (colour Map from Mesh) Missing input data.”

It seems that the live link to substance painter is the problem and its not exporting vertex information.

Is there anyway to fix this?